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Hypnosis enables you to tap into your subconscious mind so you can reach your full potential.

But how does hypnosis work and how do you know if hypnosis is right for you?

About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness characterized by extreme relaxation, heightened imagination, and increased concentration and suggestibility. In this state, you are awake but you are relaxed to the point that you tune out most of the stimuli around you. You focus intently on the subject at hand, to the near exclusion of any other thought. While hypnotized, the subconscious mind is highly available and receptive to new suggestions, beliefs and ideas.


All hypnosis is a form of self-hypnosis and you are in control at all times. You cannot be hypnotized unless you are willing to be hypnotized and unless you are an active participant in the process. The hypnotist acts only as a facilitator in the process – assisting you in achieving the hypnotic state and giving you positive suggestions based on the goals you have for yourself.

Is Hypnosis Right for You?

If you are truly committed to changing the limiting patterns and habits standing in the way of your success and you are ready to actively participate in the process, then hypnosis is an excellent choice to help you make the necessary life changes to achieve your goals.


If, however, you are looking for someone to wave their magic wand and “fix” you, you are not sure you want to change or you are not truly committed to making changes, then hypnosis is not the answer for you. Hypnosis is magical, but it is not magic.

Is Hypnosis Right For You?

Hypnosis – The catalyst to change your thoughts, change your habits and CHANGE YOUR LIFE.



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